Breaking Down the Barriers of Legal Technology Adoption

Selling to law firms presents some particular challenges to legal tech entrepreneurs. One of these challenges is the partnership structure of most law firms. There are many influencers in law firms but the real decision maker(s) may be challenging to identify and difficult to access. According to Abrahams, law firms can be skeptical of legal tech providers’ claims and resistant to legal tech investments.

Baxter, who managed a large law firm before joining CodeX, said that sellers must “convince the firm of the need for the technology” by, for example, demonstrating how resources are wasted in the current firm processes and how this waste can be reduced. Figure out how “you can become part of the revenue stream” for the firm, said Walker. Luftman said that providers must “delight the customer; when it comes to your product, they need to look at it and love it.”

via Legaltech News


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