Automated Services, Legal Questions Apps, and AI Review—Next Frontiers in Legal Tech

“Given the increasing rate of legal tech’s evolution, it can be difficult to stand out among the plethora of tools flooding the market. In an effort to help would-be innovators set their products apart from the pack, Legaltech West Coast’s “Legal Innovation Lightning Round” sessions gave entrepreneurs a platform to present their tools and an audience of industry insiders to help them tweak their presentations.

In “Round Two” of the innovation sessions, moderator Nicole Shanahan, founder/CEO of ClearAccessIP and fellow at Stanford’s CodeX legal informatics center, explained, “There’s a lot to be gained with empowering people to use technology to answer legal questions; to help lawyers be more valuable.”

“Over the years, the [legal tech] community has really blossomed,” she added. “It started with two Goliaths, and now we have quite a few David’s in the space.””

via Legaltech News


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