The News of Attorneys’ Demise Has Been Greatly Exaggerated (With Apologies to Mark Twain)

“Some warn that the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney is imminent and that it is only a matter of time before technology gives rise to new ways of delivering professional services and ultimately replacing the traditional lawyer. Yet others think that the human element is critical to the practice of law and cannot be so easily replaced.

While AI has come a long way, replacing lawyers is not on the horizon. 

Larry Bridgesmith, an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt Law who helped coordinate the school’s Law and Innovation program, argues that “(computer solutions) can assist attorneys at rapid rates to address any of the research issues and natural language sources, but it still takes the discipline and professionalism of a lawyer (to use).” (…)

The general consensus is that the place for computers in the practice of law is as a tool to maximize human efficiency — to make lawyers more productive, effective and accurate — with the ultimate goal of improving client service and relationships. As business owners, the partners we speak with are focused on how to better serve the needs of their clients through practical applications of technology. (…)

To suggest that artificial intelligence can replace a lawyer is to misunderstand the value of a lawyer and the needs of their clientele. Computers can only perform what their algorithms permit. Algorithms cannot fully model or replicate a lawyer’s understanding, analysis or experience. AI only succeeds in constrained environments and activities.”

via Legaltech News


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