Watson Spawns Digitized Legal Assistant

“[Ross] joins a growing number of analytics and search platforms that can be used as on online service. Legal research, in particular, offers a rich market, with an estimated value of over $8 billion annually..With that as motivation, a myriad array of services have become available for such work, including LexisNexis, Bloomberg Law, HeinOnline, Westlaw, and JustCite, among others.

Not all, however, are as linguistically advanced as ROSS. Queries may be posed to it in normal English, and if the topic is within its legal scope, it should return an answer within seconds. It is able to cite sources, suggest readings from related legislation and case law, and just generally provide relevant background material for the topic at hand.

If this sounds like the IBM Watson supercomputing platform, that’s because it is — or rather an instance of it that taps into Watson’s cognitive computing smarts via programming interfaces that IBM makes available to third-party software. The result is an advanced legal analytics platform that leverages Watson’s talent for natural language, information retrieval, and automated reasoning.

According to ROSS Intelligence CTO Jimoh Ovbiagele, the application is comprised of about 100 thousand lines of code, which took approximately 11 months to write. It is not, however, a shrink-wrapped software package that you can purchase at a retail outlet and load up on your in-house desktop or server. Rather, ROSS is offered via a web-based portal that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a consequence, Amazon gets a cut of the action every time a customer uses ROSS, as does IBM.”

via TOP500 Supercomputer Sites http://ow.ly/dSnu301ZUpZ


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