Time to Regulate AI in the Legal Profession?

“The ultimate danger is how competent it all looks. Technology, especially AI technology, can be deceptive because its inner workings are invisible to the naked eye. A user cannot see what is going on behind the scenes. One asks a question, and the answer appears.

But in this, even assuming the user feeds the correct information into the computer, he or she must still intrinsically trust that the computer is doing what it says it is doing. Is the program actually doing what it says it will?

A lawyer, at least, is ethically required not to blindly accept the answer, and is trained to perhaps spot mistakes. Lay people accessing AI legal services directly without a lawyer have no such advantage, and might not know that something is wrong until they have relied on the wrong answer and taken a legal step, and it is too late.”

via Big Law Business (Perspective) – read full article here: http://ow.ly/owcO302ii0E


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