Machine Learning Trends and the Future of Artificial Intelligence 2016

“Our world view is that every company today is a data company, and every application is an intelligent application,” Somasegar said. “How can companies get insights from huge amounts of data and learn from that? That’s something that has to be brought up with every organization in the world.”

As the data flywheels begin to turn, the cost to acquire, store, and compute that data will continue to drop.

This creates an algorithm economy, where the building blocks of machine intelligence live in the cloud. These pre-trained, hosted machine learning models make it possible for every app to tap into algorithmic intelligence at scale.

The confluence of data flywheels, the algorithm economy, and cloud-hosted intelligence means:

  • Every company can now be a data company
  • Every company can now access algorithmic intelligence
  • Every app can now be an intelligent app”


Great piece by Matt Kiser – read full article here: Medium


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