7 Key Factors Driving the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

“At Singularity University’s inaugural Global Summit, Neil Jacobstein, chair of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, provided a primer showing how artificial intelligence literally transforms everything it touches.
First of all, it’s critical to define the scope of artificial intelligence (AI), which can be categorized into four areas: techniques in pattern recognition, software agency (that is, software that acts like real users), an exponential technology that is accelerating other exponential technologies, and a vision of a future superhuman intelligence (that fortunately hasn’t happened yet).
Anyone who has seen a science fiction film is likely familiar with this last area, but it’s the other three areas where AI is making huge strides at a revolutionary pace. Jacobstein calmly and optimistically assures that this revolution isn’t going to disrupt humans completely, but usher in a future in which there’s a symbiosis between human and machine intelligence.”

Via http://singularityhub.com/2016/08/29/7-factors-driving-the-artificial-intelligence-revolution/


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