I Have No Clue Whether Lawyers Should Learn To Code

“I already know how to code, and I am glad that I do. It actually helps with the transactional/structuring work that I do for my legal clients — the simplicity and elegance demanded by code translates well to document drafting.

But it may or may not make sense for every lawyer to learn how to code. I have no idea what any given lawyer should do, but I can add some dimension to the discussion so that lawyers can make their own decision on how to proceed.

Coding is not easy. Sure, the basics are pretty easy, but to get to a point where you are marketable takes a ton of dedication. As with anything, my advice would be to learn how to code only if you love it and you can see yourself dedicating hours to the craft. Don’t do it out of obligation.”

Via Jon Tobin, read full article here: http://ow.ly/BDjs306SNge


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