Using Blockchain Technology to Power an Open, AI Marketplace For The People

“I sat down with Dr. Goertzel to learn more about the SingularityNET project and how blockchain is being used to advance artificial intelligence.

Q: What is the primary purpose of the SingularityNET project?

There are 3 main purposes:

  • Deliver cloud based AI services to all sorts of businesses —- better, cheaper, and with greater diversity and variety
  • Lead to the creation of advanced Artificial General Intelligence, via providing an ecosystem in which different kinds of AIs (some highly general and some highly specialized) can cooperate together and form an emergent meta-level intelligent system
  • Democratize AI by creating an ecosystem that encourages and enables AI developers everywhere in the world to contribute, and businesses everywhere in the world to make use of these contributions

What is exciting is that all 3 of these goals can be addressed by the same software framework, which is SingularityNET, an open source, decentralized marketplace for the AI economy as well as the breeding ground for the emergent Artificial General Intelligence. This framework will create a federation of collaborative algorithms to provide better AI services across vertical markets and also, along the way, to serve the higher purpose of generating a superhuman intelligence.”


Via HuffPost | read full article here:


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