Best Countries for ICO

“Known for its centuries-old tradition of economic and political stability, Switzerland turns out to be the second most popular country in our research, counting 9 (16,9%) successful ICO campaigns. As in the case of Singapore, its regulatory stance in regards to ICO is not quite clear yet, with its financial-market regulator (FINMA) stating that, while it acknowledges “the innovative potential of such technology”, it also proclaims that some aspects of ICO procedure “may already be covered by existing regulations”.

However, the country had already established its position as a favourable place within the cryptocurrency space well before the statement was issued.

In 2013, Johann Geversthe, founder of Monetas, came up with the idea of Crypto Valley, named and modeled after Silicon Valley, to make the country a global centre for crypto technologies. In an effort to develop the crypto ecosystem in the country, he created cooperative relationships with various stakeholders in this field, attracted major crypto startups while ensuring that they would be supported in their operations by developing an ecosystem of expert service providers in this space, and promoted his vision in the industry.

This led to the foundation of Crypto Valley Association, “an independent, government-supported association established to take full advantage of Switzerland’s strengths to build the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem”. It supports the development of crypto startups by promoting research in this field, providing policy recommendations and organising various industry events, etc. (…)”

Via Hacker Noon – read full article here:


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