Sierra Leone is the first country to use blockchain during an election

“(…) Swiss blockchain company Agora provided the service to 280 polling locations in Sierra Leone’s Western District, which houses the nation’s capital of Freetown and is the country’s most populous area.

Agora was accredited as an international observer by Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Commission (NEC), which provides the official election count. Alongside this process, Agora used blockchain to trial tallying votes as an independent operator.

After voting, each paper ballot was announced out loud by NEC officials and manually logged by Agora employees using specialized blockchain technology.

Similar to how blockchain provides transparency in cryptocurrency transactions by storing data in a public record, Agora hopes to provide transparency in elections.

In Sierra Leone, this was accomplished by each vote being stored on a joint, private blockchain network accessible only by Agora staff, who then posted the tally on their election results site. This reduces the chances of any vote, which were validated on the blockchain network in real time, from being tampered with. (…)”

Via Business Insider – read full article here:


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