A Call to Legal Tech: AI is Here

“While artificial intelligence (AI), in law and beyond, may seem futuristic, the reality is that “it’s everywhere,” explained Larry Bridgesmith, CEO of Legal Alignment and Vanderbilt University adjunct law professor. Yet while he admits lawyers have “mastered the science off semantics,” no one “can define [AI], but everyone is arguing about what it means.”

At the 2016 Legal Hackers Summit in Brooklyn, New York, however, Bridgesmith momentarily set aside that question, instead asking technologists and lawyers to “think creatively” about how AI developments in tech “can be a benefit in the world of legal hacking.”

According to Bridgesmith, economists look at AI as the “equivalent of a new industrial revolution,” while others believe it will lead to a life of leisure “because once the computer brain is equivalent to the human brain, we won’t have to work anymore.” Yet to those in the know, things aren’t quite that exotic.

“Even though it might take a while for AI to reach its potential, I do believe there’s a lot going on we can take advantage of if we just open our minds to doing so,” he said. “We as lawyers … much prefer the silver bullet to doing legitimate work.” With AI, he added there isn’t a silver bullet, but “enormous amounts of ammunition.””

Great read via Legaltech News http://ow.ly/cxQ3303aaRp


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